There’s something better but it’s not here yet….

Sometimes I get these feelings of impatience and frustration when I know that there’s something over the horizon that is better than where I am.

It’s like there’s greener pastures but yet you’re still in the desert of chaos and inefficiencies.

When I know there’s something that’s better out there- someplace that I can express myself in a more meaningful way or were I know I’ll be a better person I get frustrated at my current circumstance. Perhaps I’m even frustrated at who I am currently.

But, when I think about it deeper, maybe I’m in a place where I still need to be the better person and work on the things I need to before i get to that “better” place of greener pastures where the milk and honey flow from streams and rivers.

I must do the job well so what when the time is right I will be the better person for that better place.


A Year with MongoDB


This week marks the one year anniversary of Kiip running MongoDB in production. As of this week, we’ve also moved over 95% of our data off of MongoDB onto systems such as Riak and PostgreSQL, depending which solution made sense for the way we use our data. This post highlights our experience with MongoDB over the past year. A future post will elaborate on the migration process: how we evaluated the proper solutions to migrate to and how we migrated the data from MongoDB.

First, some numbers about our data to give context to the scale being discussed. The figures below represent the peak usage when we were completely on MongoDB — the numbers are actually much higher now but are spread across different data stores.

  • Data size: 240 GB
  • Total documents: 85,000,000
  • Operations per second: 520 (Create, reads, updates, etc.)

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One of the most fascinating pieces I’ve read about web development in recent memory. For reasons1 unrelated to the performance benefits cited in this article, I’d choose Clojure if I were to learn any new language today2.

  1. Being a functional language, compiling to JavaScript, and being unlike any language I’ve ever used before. 

  2. Definitely can’t justify that as I still haven’t learned AutoLayout or ReactiveCocoa

10 Push-up Milestones and Challenges

10 Push-up Milestones and Challenges

Here is a progression that should keep anyone busy for a couple of years.

  1. Fifty honest basic push-ups
  2. Ten handstand push-ups
  3. 100 honest basic push-ups
  4. Fifteen handstand push-ups
  5. Tabata interval basic push-ups with 20 reps in each of 8 intervals
  6. One handstand push-up without use of wall
  7. Ten handstand push-ups without use of wall
  8. Fifteen handstand push-ups without use of wall
  9. Twenty handstand push-ups without use of wall
  10. One handstand push-up without use of wall and on fingertips

Stories like this warm my heart. The ability to code and work with technology is extremely empowering. I hope to one day teach others how to code and help those coming out of poverty.